“Nothing works here without the FMCG365 ‘Store Check’!”

Watch the video clip to see for yourself. A whole host of clients are now fans of Avento’s FMCG365 solution. The ‘Store Check’ is particularly useful for sales representatives who visit retail outlets and have to perform a series of checks: price, promotions, stock, shelf space, etc.

“We have clients who tell us, ‘We can’t work without the FMCG365 app any more’. It’s a great compliment,” says Steven De Backer, CRM consultant at Avento.

User friendly as can be

“The ‘Store Check’ is just one aspect of the FMCG365 app. We strongly believe that it saves a huge amount of time. And, most importantly, the app is very user-friendly and works in exactly the same way on Windows, iOS and Android, on laptops, smartphones and tablets. It is also very easy to customise. Some clients want to use their own terminology, or change the order of the checks and so on. That is no problem at all,” Steven says.

“It sells itself”

“Migrating from paper or Excel lists to a fully-automated and synchronised working method always takes some adjustment. But it is catching on everywhere and really coming to life. We are seeing that every day. FMCG365 sells itself,” according to Steven.

Graphically, the ‘Store Check’ is indeed very clear, with products ordered in the same sequence as on the shelves, mandatory tasks, a campaign history for each product, reminders, etc.