“Not only pure-blooded IT specialists, but skilled change managers…”

We received this nice compliment from Resco.net. You can also read it on their website: “To guide businesses through digital transformation, Avento’s staff are not only pure-blooded IT specialists, but skilled change managers…”. They then continue: “They enable effective collaboration between a client’s back office and field teams, so the latter can always fully concentrate on the customer.”

“Not only pure-blooded IT specialists, but skilled change managers…”

We must admit, we complimented Resco.net first – albeit completely justified – when we put them in the spotlights a few weeks ago. We wrote that “the power of Resco Mobile CRM is also Avento’s power”. Resco has been a gamechanger in mobile CRM for many years now. Furthermore, they daily made a new and large client in 2018.

“Avento can deliver…”

We’ll let our clients decide on whether or not we deserve this compliment. But we are extremely proud of it. Even more so because Resco.net zooms in on our, what they call, distinctive qualities: “Speedy implementation”, “Improved data quality and deeper customer understanding” and last but not least “Scalability and ROI”. Via the hyperlink mentioned above, you can discover how they describe us in their own case study. Although, maybe one more quote: “Avento can deliver mobility for any CRM deployment, online or on-premise.”

Resco.net is a niche player on the promising and unexploited market of mobile CRM. This is also the position we hold at Avento. Our CRM solutions have a set of qualities that further strengthen your leading position. And that makes sense, since they’re built on the leading technology of Microsoft Dynamics and on Resco Mobile CRM. Want to know more about our CRM solutions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.