No escape for your targets with Fearless Leader

Did you use to be fascinated by images of heat-seeking missiles following their targets, or torpedoes that you cannot evade? Well, these capabilities have become commonplace since those black and white films. In marketing, there is similar technology but its potential has not yet been comprehensively exploited.

No escape for your targets with Fearless Leader

Marketing is not warfare. Marketing is not fishing either; you can’t just sit on the side-lines and wait for a fish to bite. Speed, adaptability and also visibility in relation to what’s going on in the market are of enormous importance.


Fearless Leader offers a much better view of your targets

Does your team automatically follow targets? Do you have an overview of what is going on below the surface, and how close the goal really is?  Well, you certainly will if you equip your employees with Fearless Leader, the specialised mobile app in the FMCG market. They will gather data on site that is immediately placed in the appropriate context and its significance highlighted for management.



Thanks to Fearless Leader, you can also see ‘underwater’. At any particular moment, you can see the details – per team, per region, and so on – for any conceivable target, including numbers of introductions, orders actions, etc. No matter how near or far they may be. In real time! Thanks to the offline availability of Fearless Leader, and synchronisation of the data with the back office. You don’t need to wait for a fish to bite before taking action.


Speed and versatility

Fearless Leader enables you to communicate automatic targets to the field without any fuss. Fearless Leader informs your field workers of the appropriate targets at every point of sale. No PowerPoints and certainly no meetings are required. The comparison with a heat-seeking missile may be a little exaggerated, but it’s not far off.


Not one fishing line, but a whole row

Fearless Leader allows multiple targets to be monitored simultaneously.

Targets may, for example, be linked to defined commercial activities, within broader objectives. In other words, a whole hierarchy of targets is feasible, all of which can be monitored in real time, on the basis of simple store checks. So, put simply, you can fish with ten hooks instead of one.

It’s never been easier to efficiently manage your field workers or set and follow-up targets. Fearless Leader offers substantial benefits. And we’ve not even talked about planning, business insights, multi-access and offline availability… But you can read more about that in other blogs.