Marketing with Fearless Leader: A lot of ‘Action’ but very little ‘Cut’

You’ve seen it many times, the clapper-board used during filming and the director who shouts ‘Action’ before every take. And who also interrupts filming at the drop of a hat with instructions or to correct an actor who has forgotten his lines… With Fearless Leader, the specialised FMCG/CPG application from Avento, you will see a full-length feature film, without interruptions, and full of marketing action. Fearless Leader is a smart, supple director that will coach your field workers to provide a sleek and flawless performance.

Marketing with Fearless Leader: A lot of ‘Action’ but very little ‘Cut’

Marketing promotions; isn’t that a container concept?  You could see it like that. All the tasks over and above a regular store check, e.g. promotions, surveys, etc., which require additional attention, could be regarded as a promotion. What makes Fearless Leader special, however, is the handy methods it provides for carrying out these tasks and placing the corresponding orders.

Easy roll-out
Imagine: there is a promotion with display locations, a few products in the spotlight, discounts and a gift with a purchase. If the promotion applies to a particular store location, the necessary items and specific prizes will be shown automatically in the field worker’s ‘location card’.


Adapted timing
The timing of the store visit is automatically adjusted to include the time estimated for the promotion. Everyone, therefore, has adequate time to finish all tasks.


Prominent display with a button
As the field worker, your ‘location card’ reminds you about the planned promotion at the start of your store visit, via a prominent button. You can then choose whether to carry out the promotion or postpone it until next time. Once the field worker starts the promotion, his ‘location card’ and order form is immediately adapted on this basis.


Set your own rhythm for repetitive promotions
A planned promotion doesn’t go up in smoke after a certain date. When directing your field workers, you can apply a highly detailed approach. Promotions can be planned per location, store chain, region, and also with varying intervals. This rhythm is completely adaptable; two consecutive weeks, one month without, the next week with, and so on.


Your field workers also have access to the promotion calendar.
This gives them a better overview of the workload and enables them to carry out a certain promotion slightly earlier or later.


Fearless Leader thus improves the comfort of both management and field workers. As the director, you don’t need to call the shots all the time. Also, the script is clear to all; promotions are planned, timed and can be carefully monitored. Now do you understand why the Avento app has been called Fearless Leader? It is also a winner in other areas too, as you will see in these other blogs.