Give marketing activities maximum impact with ‘Product Mix’ from Fearless Leader

Create maximum results from marketing activities by updating your field workers about ongoing promotions and campaigns quickly and systematically. With the new ‘Product Mix’ feature in the specialised CRM-app Fearless Leader from Avento, you can increase the return on field promotions and get ahead of the competition.

Give marketing activities maximum impact with ‘Product Mix’ from Fearless Leader

How can I increase the impact on marketing-actions?

All relevant promotions are automatically shown in the app when orders are being placed or products validated. The customer/store manager can then make space and/or place the right orders. An icon which looks like a scribbled note will appear and, in just one click, you will see a full overview. This is incredibly simple but could lead to substantial improvements. Field workers currently have access to digital brochures but the chance of missing out on opportunities is still high because you are depending on a great deal of memory and the field worker’s initiative to link the relevant promotion to each product during the store visit.

Centrally coordinated and integrated on the shop floor

‘Don’t forget that field-workers sometimes represent over 100 products. So there’s no way they can check each and every product to see if there’s a promotion running. Particularly as these promotions are often changing, sometimes only run for short periods, vary from chain to chain, and might also involve products from different categories. It could include a shampoo, hair gel and a powder,’ says product manager Steven De Backer from Fearless Leader.

‘The overview of promotions in Fearless Leader is configured according to the logic of product mixes. With this new feature, you increase the chance that a centrally coordinated promotion is executed in full on the shop floor and, in turn, increase your turnover.’