Making plans with Fearless Leader: 3 features for a superior result

“The supple planning options and refined route calculations of Fearless Leader, the mobile CRM app from Avento, are really valued by field workers. The app knows what you do and adapts to suit you. Fearless Leader makes work more enjoyable and efficient,” says product manager Steven De Backer about Fearless Leader.

Making plans with Fearless Leader: 3 features for a superior result

“Our solution allows field workers to easily plan their working schedules several weeks in advance. They can leave all the calculating and considering to Fearless Leader. The generated schedule takes account of all the already agreed appointments, thanks to synchronisation with your Outlook diary”, according to Steven. He sums up three features that distinguish the system:

1 – Quick and easy: In a few clicks, and can plan everything – even a break

Steven De Backer: “Recently, we have introduced the option of fine-tuning. You can set up Fearless Leader so that it takes account of your specific wishes; a 4/5 working week or stopping earlier than usual on a Tuesday, for example. The real availability of the contact persons and the opening hours of the outlets to be visited can also be included in the planning. This type of puzzle is resolved in under a minute, with just a few clicks. But Fearless Leader not only eliminates a whole lot of planning for the field worker. The optimum organisation also means they have more time that can be spent in the stores. Also important: all of the appointments are not just planned one after the other; Fearless Leader even adds in the required break periods. So you don’t have to eat your sandwich quickly, sitting in your car.”

2 – Graphic interface: Plan from the map with outlets

Steven De Backer: A coherent plan can be drawn up on the basis of various starting points. You can start planning in your diary, view the results in the route planner, and then make adjustments. Or, you could follow the process ‘backwards’ and start with a map of the outlets which are filtered on certain criteria. You can zoom in to or out of the map, move to another area and Fearless Leader will create a plan for the corresponding outlets with one click.

3 – Facility for emergencies:  Automatic management

Steven De Backer: “The app provides instant solutions, e.g. in the event of sickness or unexpected events. Fearless Leader uses Resource Scheduling Automation to autonomously make the necessary amendments in the division of tasks. The changes are immediately transparent and visible in a new overview for field workers.”

“We always keep our finger on the pulse. These three features clearly illustrate how the smart integration of all types of technology can lead to substantial improvements,” adds Steven.