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Avento keeps growing and is looking for jobs. We owe that big time to our talented employees. Do you have the right spirit, brimming with talent and full of enthusiasm? Then we certainly have room for you!

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At Avento we operate in “Customer Engagement Management”. For this we use the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, in combination with specialisations in mobile applications. Our customers are located in the FMCG, industry and textiles sectors.

Why choose avento?

Use your talents in an inspirational environment where your input really counts and you too have a hand on the tiller. At Avento, ‘empowerment’ is not just another empty buzzword – you will find yourself in a nurturing environment where you will experience massive commitment and where open communication goes without saying. Our central location on the Brussels-Antwerp axis is just the cherry on the cake.

Oh, and did we mention the healthy training budget, the training opportunities and the free fruit?

Would you like to work in a great atmosphere and a close-knit team? Then have a browse through our vacancies – who knows? Maybe your dream job is listed!


Jeroen Vanhaute


Building together the future of the company, that’s satisfying!

Sarah De Smedt


We regularly sit together with HR co-defining the chalk lines. A prime example of empowerment.

Jurn Stouthuyzen


Avento feels like a warm nest and not as a company.

A day in the life of ...

Steven De Backer


From customer contact to analysis, from configuration and programming to customer support. You can indulge all your interests in this varied job.

08.45: When I arrive at the office, I enjoy a good cup of coffee to warm up. While the aroma fills me with inspiration, I have a look at the planning board.

09.00: This morning I’m scheduled on support. I check the support mailbox and resolve the smallest problems straight away. Once I’ve checked the log files, I get on with resolving the more serious problems. Since I’ve not been working here very long, I rely on the rest of the team who in turn help me get up to speed. Finally I also have direct contact with Microsoft about the very latest new version of Dynamics 365.

12.00: At noon I go for lunch with one of the board members. In light of my experiences with my previous employer, this is certainly an inspiring brainstorming session.

13.00: After lunch, I prepare an analysis document. There is an important meeting with a new customer in the calendar for next week where I will take the lead on an entire project by myself for the first time. I will need to draw on all the knowledge I have gained in my first few weeks to deliver the appropriate solution for this customer.

14.00: I spend the rest of the afternoon immersing myself in C#. I am writing a program to migrate the database from an old Dynamics environment to a new environment and of course I have to make sure that the data doesn’t get lost in the new environment. While my program is undergoing a test run, I’m busy with some JavaScript that I will have to implement afterwards.

17.30: Home time! Once I’m home, I’m curious to see whether my test run has worked properly. I could look at the back office to see whether the data is there, but I prefer to use Resco’s mobile app. I sync with the Dynamics environment and see that all the data is indeed available. There is nothing that can spoil my evening now!

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Ann Vandingenen

HR Manager

At Avento we are open to new ideas and strong thinkers. If you are interested in working at Avento, do not hesitate to contact us!