Is my share-of-shelf the best? 5 reasons to equip field workers with FMCG365.

Share-of-shelf. Do I know how my products perform in a particular region? How they perform at each Point of Sale (POS) or per retail chain? Compared to the competition? In other words, what do I know about ‘numeric distribution’ per product?

Is mijn share of shel optimaal? Hoe presteren mijn producten?

If you are unable to answer these questions, or only have a rough idea, it will be impossible to set up efficient marketing and sales promotions and/or commitment the manpower and resources where they can achieve the highest return. So do you have all these answers?

There is always room for improvement. That is your job. That is also our job. Whether you are a CEO, a Category Manager, a Marketing & Sales Manager or a sales representative, Avento’s FMCG365 provides you with reliable data and insights to optimise product distribution and share-of-shelf.

So get to work

Collect data and set up the appropriate actions. Here are five distinctive qualities of Avento’s FMCG365 to help you make the difference.


1) Data capturing is ‘fun’

Collecting data has never been easier; the task becomes fun. The ‘store-check’ facilities as part of FMCG365 make every store visit efficient and productive. On any device – tablet, smartphone or ultrabook – you can capture vital data on facings, rotations, out of stocks and prices with minimum processes, taking into account historical data and the order of actions carried out during previous visits.

2) Take a photo and have your Share-of-shelf calculated

FMCG365 is much more than just checklists. The share-of-shelf calculator, for example, gives you an true summary of your presence and the quality thereof. Just take a photo and use an app to outline the whole/partial shelves to be measured. The app calculates the share-of-shelf compared to the competition.

3) Useable data

This data can be immediately operationally used as they are consolidated in real time in the back office. You will immediately receive a graphic representation of the performance of your products per POS via interactive dashboards.

4) The right action at the right place

Time to trade. In your quest for the shelf layout with stopping power, as a Category Manager or Marketing & Sales Manager, you can use these data to make the right strategic and tactical decisions and implement the promotion or campaign with the best ‘Return on Investment’.  The related tasks for the field worker are then automatically displayed during the POS visit. This ensures that decisions produce effective results.

5) Optimum allocation of field workers

 Defined actions in relation to the ‘Perfect Store’ will be implemented only if the appropriate time is allocated to each field worker. With a few simple graphic adjustments via the Territory Workload Calculator, you can quickly identify the perfect workload distribution for your field workers, so that nobody is over-burdened or under-used.


FMCG365 puts you on the map

Convinced? Avento’s FMCG365 has a range of powerful features that will further strengthen your leading position.

FMCG365 is based on the current standards in the FMCG market and can easily be configured to suit your company’s specific requirements. Logically, FMCG365 is built on the leading technology of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and on the mobile CRM of