Integrated Assortment Management: The engine behind efficient marketing

Field workers in the fast moving consumer goods sector are gradually outgrowing Excel files. They are increasingly equipped with Fearless Leader, the mobile CRM-app from Avento. And the engine behind Fearless Leader is gaining a little extra horse-power as the options offered by Fearless Leader for Assortment Management are being expanded. ‘It’s a genuine slam-dunk’, according to Steven De Backer from Avento. ‘That was clear from the positive reactions from leading businesses in the fast moving consumer goods sector who attended Avento’s round table event for Fearless Leader users.’

Integrated Assortment Management: The engine behind efficient marketing

‘In essence, the extensive options for Assortment Management form the heart of the app. This framework is already available but, in the recent past, it has been pushed to its full extent by more and more users,’ adds Steven. He picked up two signals from the market.

1. The digital chain is getting longer and longer

Steven De Backer: ‘For each, individual product, Gouden Carolus Tripel for example, Assortment Management offers 5 or more different ‘lines’ for a particular type of store (POS): individual bottle, six-pack, tray… along with the various functions, such as ordering, supplying, store check. These extensive options are increasingly exploited to their full extent. Fearless Leader is used by several clients who work internationally. They have an enormous number of assortments and must work in a highly detailed fashion. Fearless Leader is also equipped so that users can work with store-specific codes, i.e. codes that are applied by the producer to make life easier for the retailer.’

‘This means the digital chain is getting longer and longer. The options for Assortment Management from Fearless Leader support this digital transformation. And don’t forget: All of the detailed information that is gathered via Assortment Management is also immediately contained in the ERP and the producer’s back office. No interim measures or transitions are required!’

2. New features of Fearless Leader enthusiastically unveiled

The digital chain is also extending in the other direction; towards the shop floor.

Steven De Backer: ‘We have fine-tuned and digitalised the functionality for introductions and phase-outs. The introduction of a new product across various assortments used to mean a certain degree of manual input. This now takes place in just a few clicks and can be checked in a clear window in the app.’

‘The phasing-out process has also been fine-tuned. A stop used to mean a definitive and complete stop. Now, however, the orders for a certain product can be halted but still be registered during store checks. This enables the available stock for halted products to be registered and also streamlined. Once again, this is all integrated in real time with the ERP system and back office.’

‘Without  a doubt, the comprehensive Assortment Management of Fearless Leader supplies improved data, saves manual work and increases the comfort level for field workers,’ concludes Steven.