I love FMCG365 (m/v)

Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to shower people with compliments. Most of them will obviously go to your lover and will remain between the two of you. But what if you’re far away from your best and unmissable partner at work? Wouldn’t you send them a compliment too?

I love FMCG365 (m/v)

We would only encourage you to do it. Why? Because others do it too: Moortgat brewery, AA Drinks, Java the coffee company, D-Drinks, Van Marcke, … They all love FMCG365 to serve their customers in the best possible way.


The good news is you’re not even flirting or being adulterous if you’re paying compliments to FMCG365 because it just has so many qualities, both male and female. Even neuter… Anyway, here are some of the compliments you could use:

  • FMCG365 is always there for you (m?/v?). Internet or no internet. No matter in which warehouse or distant part of the industrial park you are. Our mobile CRM is fully operational thanks to the technology of Resco.net. Nobody else succeeds at keeping the back-office accessible while offline and allowing multiple people to edit data without any risk of data loss like we do. A fantastic quality of FMCG365.
  • Whatever FMCG365 sees and knows, everyone who needs to see and know it knows it too (m?/v?). Everything you do with FMCG365 is synchronized with the back-office. As Sales Manager, Trade Marketeer or Category Manager, you immediately see what’s going on in stores via configurable dashboards.
  • FMCG365 is super practical and only tells you what you need to know (m?/v?). Just the info you need and nothing else? That’s right. FMCG365 is adjusted to the fast-moving consumer goods. Furthermore, the interfaces can be adapted to specific uses in your company. No noise, no superfluous voices. Focus.
  • FMCG365 is a multitasker of the purest breed (m?/v?). He/She gives you loads of data thanks to the store checks of your field workers, quickly makes pertinent analyses, conjures different kinds of BI prognoses with Microsoft Power and even measures the subjective temperature. He/She can take surveys, via standardized questionnaires, and gives you structured results. That’s quite an impressive partner, right?
  • FMCG365 has a photographic memory (m?/v?). Something went wrong? That’s too bad because FMCG365 never forgets. That photographic memory is used by the Share of Shelf calculator, but you can also use it to determine how others lure customers in a store with their seductive moves.


Never say never, but whoever gets seduced by FMCG365 is not prone to go seek their fortune elsewhere. On the contrary, FMCG365 has loyal lovers and – excuse our French – even seduces new people constantly. But don’t worry, you’ll always be the only one for FMCG365.