FMCG365 with ‘test drive’ in AppSource showroom

Let’s be honest: a test drive tells you more than a brochure with specs and performance rates. To have both would be ideal. And that’s exactly what Avento has to offer: a test drive with a true roadster. An opportunity that many constructors want, but only a few really get.

FMCG365 with ‘test drive’ in AppSource showroom

“As a so-called constructor, we had to undergo serious selection procedures in order to appear on Microsoft’s AppSource with a ‘test drive’ of our mobile CRM app FMCG365,” says Lee Yudhira, Operations Lead at Avento. “This ‘test drive’ is a testing environment that is available through AppSource and that fully illustrates how our app works. The only thing a potential client has to do is log in via his AppSource account. Step into the garage and start driving, basically. It really is the fastest way to get acquainted with our product,” Lee continues.

Huge showroom

“Microsoft’s AppSource is a gigantic platform with a worldwide reach. Our presence there puts FMCG365 in the scope of our clients as well as of other implementation partners of Microsoft’s. When they are faced with clients’ CRM problems, they will go looking in AppSource to find out whether or not there is already a solution at hand.”

With this ‘test drive’, Avento has an edge in this showroom. In the Dynamics 365 environment and in the category ‘Sales’, AppSource shows about 150 apps. But only a few of those can offer a ‘test drive’.

“Only for apps with added-value”

“Microsoft has made its criteria for AppSource stricter. With FMCG365, we went through an extensive assessment procedure. Long story short, Microsoft tests the apps for two major criteria: technical conformity and business value. So, apps that get a ‘test drive’ in AppSource need to be future-proof on a technical level and they have to create added-value for their users,” Lee explains.

A roadster?

Therefore, describing FMCG365 as a roadster – a compact speedster for two people with top performance – isn’t that crazy. FMCG365 is a mobile CRM solution that makes your company faster, more efficient and more self-learning. With the technology of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and, all data and business processes are available under any circumstances, even offline. That way, you can always keep going.

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