FMCG365 now shows the way to new fruit

Leads selected and highlighted on your screen

Avento starts with a new service, built on the mobile CRM solution FMCG365. It shows you the way to fresh new fruit. Now, that last one is obviously meant figuratively. From now on, you can receive notifications of new and interesting companies in your area. You can determine the choice in categories and the frequency of the notification yourself in a subscription.

Nieuwe service in FMCG365

“This service focusses on clients that want to prospect enterprises in the food and beverage industry. We offer them data from our software database, combined with some handy features of FMCG365,” says Tom Moortgat, managing director at Avento. A similar formula, that is as user-friendly as this one, just doesn’t exist at the moment.

Immediately visible and quickly organized

“Looking for new stores by driving around or with purchased lists remains very expensive and time-consuming. It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. We make it simpler and more efficient, by showing these leads directly on a map. You take a subscription on certain categories and every week or month, you receive the relevant information in an app. These new leads are clearly highlighted on your map, so you can get straight to work. Your prospection will be organized in no time.”

Territory Management & Work Load Calculator

The leads are automatically sent to the right representative, thanks to the Territory Management of FMCG365. You decide on the working areas of your representatives. This way, the stores that are up for prospection are automatically assigned to the right representative. Splitting up tasks, assigning or re-assigning tasks to a specific person, … It’s all easily done! On top of that, you get an immediate overview of your employees’ workload.

This brings us to the second feature of FMCG365: the Work Load Calculator. This feature considers the entire set of tasks, the home location of the representative and, as such, the extra distance he has to go. The work load of a prospection is also based on the type of store, the duration of a visit and the possible frequency of follow-ups.

Comparing apples to apples

“FMCG365 makes prospection a lot faster and simpler. It also objectifies things. The work load can be measured and divided very precisely. In discussions about the amount of manpower necessary, you can finally compare apples to apples. Obviously, prospecting will always remain kind of an adventure with an uncertain outcome. But at least now, you can be sure that your people are being put to the best possible use,” Tom Moortgat concludes.

Would you like more information on this new feature? Don’t hesitate to contact us.