Fearless Leader, what’s in a name

No doubt you will be aware by now that Fearless Leader is the new name for Avento’s much vaunted mobile CRM app. We can forget the old name but we should remember that Fearless Leader is largely used in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector. Fearless Leader supports the field workers of companies such as Mentos, Coca-Cola, Westmalle, Duvel, AA Drinks and other illustrious brands in their sales activities on the ground.

Fearless Leader, what’s in a name
But where did the name come from? Steven De Backer, product manager of Fearless Leader, explains what’s behind the choice of the new name.

Fearless, that’s what it’s all about

According to Steven, all of Avento is fearless.

“The digital world is expanding, in part due to the need for home working. Many customers are only just starting to use digital and cloud technology. But we have always had a digital drive. We have been using cutting edge digital technology for years. Avento is also fearless in the sense that we persuade customers to effectively get to grips with and use the technology that is available. We pass on our fearless attitude to our customers. Sector expertise, a due understanding of our customers, support, conviction and self-confidence… That’s how we empower our customers even more,” says Steven.

Each field worker has the courage of two

And there’s more. Steven: “Field workers who use Avento’s mobile CRM app are prepared for anything. They have relevant and up to date data to hand at all times. Which enables them to stand out. It raises their confidence: I can call up the required information at any time, the sheets tell me everything I need to know, leaving me free to focus on my conversation with the customer. They have more face-to-face time rather than time in front of a screen. With Fearless Leader, they also get to update information afterwards with very little effort.”

All of which means the word Fearless is more than rightfully in its place.

Leader? A bit pretentious perhaps?

Not at all. Avento is a forerunner in technology. Something we have extensively demonstrated in previous blogs. There is one question burning on our lips: to what extent is Fearless Leader also a market leader?

Steven: “There are other mobile apps, each with their own focus areas. Some are more aimed at ERP, for example. What we have established is that high-profile customer accounts who used to call on our competitors have now come to us. We have recently noticed that we are landing increasingly bigger customers. With every update, the onboarding of new customers gets a boost. The more standardised Fearless Leader is, the easier it becomes to convince customers. By standardised, we mean that the implementation requires fewer and fewer technical interventions. And, as we like to mention, we are committed to Zero Code.”

“Not only have the functionalities of Fearless Leader increased substantially over the past few years, we also aim to improve comfort and bird’s eye perspective by using colour codes, among other things. Visual appeal is also a factor. When it comes to ease-of-use and flexibility, Fearless Leader barely faces competition when it comes to mobile CRM,” Steven concludes.