“Everyone is looking for digital accountancy”

Everyone is looking for digital accountancy. That is the evident and at the same time educational conclusion of the breakfast session Avento organized on September 24th. From small SMEs to the branch of a multinational – among the attendees were quite the opposites.

Quick added value

The answers showed that Business Central can quickly provide SMEs – that don’t work with analytical accountancy – with added value. Brief reminder: Business Central is software designed for SMEs to let them work more efficiently. How? By connecting time-consuming business processes, which are also prone to error. For example, purchase and sales management, invoicing and customer relationship management.

“Professional presentation”

“Professional and transparent presentation, warm welcome, …” Those were popular opinions. Many of the aforementioned aspects were explained in great detail during this session. The result? Answers and – to be fair – important questions that gave us, as a Microsoft partner, new insights into the possibilities of customizing Business Central for different types of enterprises.

“Professional and transparent presentation, warm welcome”

One of Avento’s main challenges is to raise awareness of Business Central. Most attendees already knew Microsoft Navision or Nav but had not (yet) heard of Business Central, its cloud successor. If you’ve read the article up until this point, we’ve made some progress in our missionary work.