Machine Learning & The Internet of Things: FMCG & RETAIL

The future starts now

Now more than ever, Machine Learning (ML) and The Internet of Things (IoT) are on the agenda of the FMCG- & Retail sector. The Digital Transformation can no longer be ignored. But how do you handle this disruption?

How do you handle the burst of all incoming data “in the field” and how do you translate this data into results? And above all: How can ML and the IoT support you in this challenge?

This B2B event will demonstrate you how innovative technology can be applied for ‘Assortment Improvement’ and ‘Field Resource Optimisation’ (Territory Management)
An event tailored to the CEO, Sales Director, Field Sales Director, Marketing Director and IT Business Director.

Machine Learning & The Internet of Things: FMCG & RETAIL

B2B event – Tuesday June 6th 2017

Keynote speakers
Nathalie Bekx (CEO – Trendhuis)
Patrick Tritz (Sales Manager – Field Resource)

What can you expect?

During this event Avento and our 2 Keynote Speakers will give you an insight in the future developments in the field and we will take a look at the possibilities of Machine Learning (ML) & The Internet of Things (IoT) and the impact of the digital transformation on your business.

We will give you ‘best practices’ and will present you solutions to stay afloat in the mass of data and how you can acquire results in terms of ‘Assortment Improvement’ and ‘Field Resource Optimization’ (Territory Management).

The following speakers will give you a glimpse into the future:

Nathalie BekxPatrick Tritz

Nathalie Bekx

“Which big technological innovations will your company encounter in the coming years?
Rather than a problem, you can embrace them as a challenge to strengthen your business.”
Nathalie Bekx, looks ahead, together with you.

Patrick Tritz
Sales Manager Field Resource

Being the Sales Manager of Field Resource, Patrick has the perfect insight in the day to day challenges in the field and how Digital Transformation adds value.
Patrick Tritz, a source of inspiration!

TrendhuisField Resource

Where & When do we expect you?

On Tuesday, June 6th, we welcome you in the offices of Microsoft Belgium. Our programme runs from 14.00 to 18.00 including a networking moment. This event is free of charge in cooperation with Field Resource and Microsoft.

Microsoft Belgium – Leonardo Da Vincilaan 3 – 1935 Zaventem

14.00 – 17.00
Interactive session met Keynote speakers
17.00 – 18.00
Networking session