Integrated Assortment Management: The engine behind efficient marketing

Field workers in the fast moving consumer goods sector are gradually outgrowing Excel files. They are increasingly equipped with Fearless Leader, the mobile CRM-app from Avento. And the engine behind Fearless Leader is gaining a little extra horse-power as the options offered by Fearless Leader for Assortment Management are being expanded. ‘It’s a genuine slam-dunk’, according to Steven De Backer from Avento. ‘That was clear from the positive reactions from leading businesses in the fast moving consumer goods sector who attended Avento’s round table event for Fearless Leader users.’


‘War of the Shelves’ – Speed can be the deciding factor

When the British fleet defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588, the victory was down to the short loading time required for British cannons. We’ll spare you the details, but when the British realised this, thanks to the discerning pirate Francis Drake, the Armada’s fate was sealed.


Fearless Leader, what’s in a name

No doubt you will be aware by now that Fearless Leader is the new name for Avento’s much vaunted mobile CRM app. We can forget the old name but we should remember that Fearless Leader is largely used in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods sector. Fearless Leader supports the field workers of companies such as Mentos, Coca-Cola, Westmalle, Duvel, AA Drinks and other illustrious brands in their sales activities on the ground. (more…)

‘War of the Shelves’ – The corona effect in retail according to top-tier players

The war to win the best positions on store shelves. That’s what it’s all about, according to the feedback from the attendees at Avento’s round table event for users of Fearless Leader, Avento’s mobile CRM app. As always, we were able to welcome the cream of the crop from the fast moving consumer goods sector. (more…)

Steven De Backer, product manager on the stand-out qualities of ‘his’ Fearless Leader

Of course you have heard of Avento’s mobile CRM app Fearless Leader. We announced the app’s new name by making comparisons with the nicknames of legendary footballers such as Messi and Maradonna. Remember? Now, it’s time to grill product manager Steven De Backer. We will only let him go once he has told us about the three most useful features.