Buying mobile CRM: are you the cornered mammoth or the hunter?

So, you think installing mobile CRM will give you a head start on your competition? Carefully choosing a package, installing it, training people and done. But then, it doesn’t appear to be all that easy. You start to feel like you’re doing it all wrong. You might even start to identify with the oblivious mammoth who is about to take a wrong step and get himself irrevocably stuck.

Mobiel CRM: 10 stappen

Without trying to scare you: that first wrong step does in fact exist. The major pitfall is real. Mobile CRM is not part of a strategy, mobile CRM is a strategy. Because what is the real goal of new and mobile CRM? You want to be closer to your clients and realize more sales, based on relevant and real time data. As such, mobile CRM is not a tool in itself or a layer that covers the ‘actual’ CRM.

 A fitting mobile CRM is not something you can just take off a shelf. It requires more preparation. But how do you take on this selection process, the impact of which will be felt throughout the entire company? On workflows, communication flows and decision making?

We have defined 10 crucial steps that will safely guide you through this selection process. And that will get you to the best solution for your organization. You can read all about it in this white paper. You really don’t have to be the unknowing mammoth who falls into the trap.