Better User Experience for CRM in Fearless Leader offers greater insights

The specialised Fearless Leader app from Avento is now even more efficient and leads to better results across sales areas. Products can be better positioned, the consumer is more consistently ‘teased’ and it is easier to capitalise on wishes and requirements. How are the increases in sales realised? The app has been given a major boost in relation to User Experience for CRM. The improvements in screen structure and the optimisation of the app’s user-friendliness offer greater self-confidence and time-gains for field-workers and ensure the punctual execution of tasks. 

Better User Experience for CRM in Fearless Leader offers greater insights

All this provides tangible results and kicks off a cascade of events: the execution of complex tasks leads to more accurate data, more reliable store checks, better business decisions, improved targeting of commercial activities and, ultimately, substantial increases in sales.

Fearless Leader App guides the field-worker with a step-by-step plan

“The people in the field are offered greater convenience and gain more control over the actions they carry out. This leads to improved self-confidence, more accurate work and significant time-gains. The learning curve for new recruits is getting ever steeper,” says Steven De Backer, product manager of Fearless Leader.

“When using several of the more important functions, field-workers can access simplified pages with a short step-by-step plan so they know precisely which steps to carry out using the app. Improvements have already been implemented in Fearless Leader for planning and optimising agreements and for adding one or more products to one or multiple assortments. There are more to come. ”

Better User Experience for CRM on smartphone and tablet

“We want to better supervise less common processes. We are doing so with specifically developed pages for use on a smartphone or tablet,” explains Steven. “On a mobile device, you can’t easily switch between pages, like you can on a laptop. And that is important for users out in the field.”

 “The app is thus becoming more intuitive. Better support for existing users but also for new users or for managing new clients.  This is vital in the world of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, where products, packages and promotions or even complaints often have to be juggled efficiently,” adds Steven. “Because these are now managed by the system, they will have more time to effectively interact with their clients.”

Better User Experience for CRM which offers much more than just time savings. “We also have the potential for making operations much more intuitive and we will continue to focus on this area. We are genuinely taking the lead when it comes to user-friendliness. All in line with Fearless Leader’s overall philosophy,” concludes Steven.