Avento goes out for a day of ‘Fearless leading in the trees’

You know us as ‘Fearless leading in the field’ thanks to our mobile CRM solutions. However, during our teambuilding on June 20, we were ‘fearless leading in the trees’. Why? Because we got to test the brand-new ‘Cycling through the trees’ experience in Hechtel-Eksel. Surely, you’ve heard of it. It’s the second biggest cycling attraction in Limburg, right after the world-famous ‘Cycling through water’. And we must say, it was a lot of fun! The same can be said for the dinner we had afterwards since the fresh smell of pines had given us quite an appetite!

Avento goes out for a day of ‘Fearless leading in the trees’

Earlier that day, we had already started the fun in the famous ‘Treehouse’, the most unique brainstorming location in Flanders. Sustainable and also level with the crowns of the trees.

Avento’s cocktail?

We have to be honest: the brainstorm proceeded quite playfully. We started with a quiz that asked our people some relevant questions: what are the ingredients of the Avento cocktail? Put these beers, which are all marketed with FMCG365, in the right order, according to alcohol percentage. Who is the most fearless colleague?

‘Uplifting talk’

After these brainteasers, the most educational part of the day was still to come. The three teams that competed in the quiz had to prepare an ‘elevator pitch’ for Avento. A corporate presentation that you should be able to give during a short meeting in an elevator. Or in our case, in the Treehouse.

It went a little something like this: “You like a nice cold beer from time to time? Did you ever wonder how it’s possible you can always find one at the store, at supermarkets or in bars? That’s no coincidence: it requires a lot of orders, check-ups, marketing campaigns etc. As a certified Microsoft partner, Avento simplifies these processes. Representatives of all those brands can use our mobile apps offline when they’re on the road. This gives our customers more courage to sell more beer than they ever thought possible.” Ping! The elevator stops.

We won’t be judging these three pitches publicly. What we can say, is that if you ever meet someone of Avento in the future, they’ll be able to present Avento in a short and powerful way.