Avento FMCG365. Breweries know why.

Two breweries recently chose Avento as their CRM partner. The two Belgian breweries will work with Avento to bring a rich palette of Brabant classics and Ardenne high-yeast beer to the market. These deserving beers, the names of which we cannot (yet) reveal, will emulate the values of Duvel, Vedett, Gouden Carolus, Maneblusser, and the Westmalles. Success will hopefully generate success. The breweries Moortgat, Het Anker, and de Abdij from Westmalle have previously opted for Avento’s FMCG356.

Twee brouwerijen hebben recent voor Avento gekozen als CRM-partner.

Avento is exceptionally proud of supporting these major brands with added value in winning the hearts of the customer. In a highly competitive market in the world of beer, it is vital for a brewer to choose the right partner in terms of CRM management and marketing support.

As a CEO, Category Manager, or Marketing & Sales Manager, FMCG365 gives you all the functionalities you need for managing every aspect of the fieldwork in the fast moving consumer goods sector. But what can explain our clear success in the beer market? The concrete facts.

Three facts

  • Ideal for the job

FMCG365 is ideal for a product such as beer, where ‘Out Of Home’ marketing in the hospitality sector and targeted retail promotions play a vital role. There are few segments in the consumer goods sector with more product launches and faster hype. Defending or realizing market share requires precision work on the basis of correct data about ‘facings’, ‘rotations’, ‘out of stock’, and ‘price’. With FMCG365, you can generate and gather this data quickly, it is consolidated in real time in the back-office, and you can immediately see a graphic representation of your product’s performance per POS via interactive dashboards.

  • Easy store check

For the purposes of the store check, FMCG365 is fitted with a ‘Share of Shelf Calculator’ which provides a genuine overview of your product display and the quality thereof. Just take a photo and use an app to outline the whole/partial shelves to be measured. The app calculates the share-of-shelf compared to the competition. This data is quick and accurate. The same goes for checking POS merchandising material.

  • Adapted to sector and client

FMCG365 is based on the current standards in the FMCG market and can easily be configured to suit your company’s specific requirements: applying your terminology, changing operational order… This is no problem at all. Our brewers also appreciate the ease with which representatives can place orders.

Just beer?

Avento’s FMCG365 has a range of powerful features that can further strengthen your leading position. FMCG365 not only offers support for management and fieldwork but also for all of the facets of planning and data-analysis.

Brewery Het Anker recently implemented Avento’s FMCG365 and the solution was also quickly applied to other aspects of sales support, such as complaint processing and cost registration. Here, you can find a short report from their commercial director.

As well as FMC365, Avento also has Textile365 and Industry365. All of these solutions are built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the mobile CRM from Resco.net. We work alongside these global players to provide your people and products with the best possible support.