Avento among top favourites again this year for Resco.net

After winning the Innovation Award from Resco.net in 2019, Avento is one of the favourites of the Slovakian giant in mobile digital services once again this year. Avento was among the finalists for the categories ‘Partner of the Year’ and ‘Innovation Award’. “We should be really proud of this. Over 300 partners took part in the conference. Resco may not be a household name but it is a genuine leader and game-changer in mobile CRM,” according to Avento’s CEO Tom Moortgat.

Avento among top favourites again  this year for Resco.net

Resco has over 2,000 corporate customers and is active in over 100 countries. Last year, Tom Moortgat travelled to Rome for an award; this year, he journeyed to Bratislava to talk to the elite players in mobile CRM about the success of Fearless Leader, at the Resco conference.

“Excellent collaboration”

“Resco are very clear about what we do with their technology. We have enjoyed an excellent collaboration for the past ten years. It was a real pleasure for me to explain how Fearless Leader, with Resco technology at its heart, has taken to the international stage. This doesn’t just occur in the wake of internationally active customers such as Henkel, Mentos and Innocent; Fearless Leader is also used by over 500 brand names across over 40 countries. We are now gaining a robust foothold among new customers in the Netherlands, France and elsewhere. That is why we are building a new, international site around Fearless Leader”, explains Tom Moortgat.

Mutual respect

This appreciation is mutual, according to the explanation provided by Resco: “Avento has realised many successful projects using Resco technology. We appreciate their proactive and professional approach…  The people at Avento enable efficient cooperation between the back office and field workers. They also provide coaching, training, customised communication and help for customers who are going through the digitalisation process.”

Standard in the market

And what do Avento and Fearless Leader make of these compliments? Fearless Leader has developed to become a standard for international top companies which are active in the FMCG/CPG sector. Fearless Leader is equipped with features such as automatic planning optimisation, action/mission management, range management, store checks, GPS tracking, reporting, analysis and forecasting, with integrated outlook and diary.

The app works on any device (Android/iOS/Windows). Thanks to Resco, you don’t even need an internet connection with its genuinely conflict-free offline synchronisation, great reliability and amazing ease-of-use.