Actions! For every question and every type of weather

FMCG365 – Action tools

Efficient CRM considers specific tasks and surveys that need to be executed. In Avento’s mobile CRM solution, these tasks and surveys can be carried out in a quick, structured and personalized manner. Prepare your actions and let them begin when you want them to… or when the weather wants them to.

Actions! For every question and every type of weather

With Avento’s FMCG365, you can plan different types of actions. Even actions depending on weather conditions. What makes this feature special and distinctive is the speed with which you can act. Select the type of action, arrange your assortment, determine for which clients this action is meant and go! FMCG365 ensures everything gets to the right clients in time.

“Actions can be installed through a simple flow in FMCG365”

  1. Store Check/Assortment Check. Usually, field workers constantly carry out store checks (retail) or assortment checks (out of home). However, sometimes, you might want to measure one or more products over a specific period of time.
  2. Survey Action. As a Sales Manager, Trade Marketeer or Category Manager, you probably have a lot of questions. The field workers are the right people in the right place to provide you with answers. By setting up a Survey Action, you create a standardized questionnaire and you receive structured results. You can compose this questionnaire freely (pictures, yes/no questions, counting numbers, taking measurements, …).
  3. Order Action. Sometimes, you want to boost your sales by focusing on the sales of a few specific SKUs. Arrange your assortment up for action, check the clients that should be visited and off you go!
  4. Meteo Actions. The actions mentioned above start on the date that you choose. Do you want an action to start after the sun has been shining for 5 consecutive days? FMCG365 is up for the task. Even after 5 days of freeze.

“Actions create a sense of urgency”

“Actions are a very handy instrument for field managers. Moreover, they are triggered to reach targets and to act on certain points when necessary. At the same time, following up on ongoing actions is really easy in FMCG365. Actions also create a sense of urgency. “You have to do it now.” Even for the management team. Via dashboards, they get an instant helicopter view of the situation,” says Steven De Backer, product manager FMCG365.

According to Steven, the use of these Actions can differ greatly from one customer to another: “Some clients only use the standard functions and implement concrete actions at a specific moment, to check something or to set up a questionnaire. But some clients manage their entire operations with Actions and give their people very specific tasks. By working with actions, you can work much more efficiently than by working with meetings and written communication. Those clients usually don’t have the time for that. This way, they actually save a whole lot of time.”

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