3 tips for optimising the workload for your field workers

What are people working on? You often hear ‘The category Managers are on the road’.  But anything can happen ‘on the road’ 😉

Who is doing what? How do you, as Category Manager or Marketing & Sales Manager, divide the work across the regions so that nobody is over or underused? Does X or Y perhaps have a little space to do more? How can we expand to new regions? The standard answer that ‘everyone is on the road’ is not really adequate.

Hoe verdeelt u als category manager of sales manager het werk?

These are pertinent questions that could have a huge impact on the return on your efforts and, therefore, also on the sales per POS or per store chain. There is rarely (read: never) time to gather data and analyse it to create better planning. This means that it is impossible to create genuinely efficient marketing and sales activities, and choose the exact promotions with the best ROI.

The Territory Workload Calculator from Avento’s FMCG365 encompasses all of the obstacles and quickly finds the perfect workload distribution for your sales workers, in the field.

The 3-step solution

1) Know exactly what is going on

Be aware of the precise workload in each region and the time being used by each field employee. The Territory Workload Calculator shows the workload per person on the basis of the product range, the various jobs per POS and the journey times. The workload for your whole team will then be shown in a clear bar chart. You will immediately see where and how the task division can be optimised.

2)  Adapt the region on the basis of the workload

The Territory Workload Calculator from FMCG365 enables you to easily adjust the regions on a map on the basis of your employees’ workloads.  Make X’s region slightly larger and Y’s region a bit smaller by simply dragging the boundary on a map. The Territory Workload Calculator automatically calculates the new schedules. The related tasks for the field-worker will then appear automatically during the relevant POS visit. You can thus guarantee that a planning decision leads to an effective result.  No experiments, just calculated solutions for professional Territory Management.

3) Monitor and improve

Fine tuning the workload is a never ending story. No two weeks are ever the same even though your people are motivated and on top of things. The Territory Workload Calculator makes super-quick day-to-day adjustments on the basis of deployment and availability. Combine Avento’s Workload Calculator with Avento’s Resource Scheduling Automation – which shows who is where and who is on leave or sick – and you will have an extremely resilient team.


Genius? Well maybe. Avento’s FMCG365 has a set of powerful qualities that can further strengthen your leadership. Logically, FMCG365 is built on the leading technology from Microsoft Dynamics 365 and on the mobile CRM from Resco.net.

FMCG365 is also based on the usual standards in the FMCG-market and is easily configured according to the specific applications in your business.

Alongside FMCG365, Avento also has Textile365 and Industry365, built on the same platforms with adapted functionalities and the same, unparalleled user-friendliness.