101 ways to input orders with Avento Fearless Leader

You are sure to have heard of them. The 101 dalmatians; all really cute and indistinguishable from one another. That’s the same with Avento Fearless Leader, the specialised FMCG/CPG app from Avento. It is easily accessed, friendly to use and can lead to concrete results in a whole range of ways. Such as the efficient, rapid and accurate input of orders, the subject of this blog. Your field workers have various options for inputting these accurately into your ERP package.

101 ways to input orders  with Avento Fearless Leader

Steven De Backer, product manager of Avento Fearless Leader explains the options. “How Fearless Leader is used to register orders may vary from customer to customer. One way may suit one person but not another. ”


  • Empty shopping basket and scan

You start with an empty shopping basket and scan the barcodes on the price tickets for the products to be ordered. The EAN numbers are recognised and the product is identified.


  • Empty shopping basket and product selector/store assortment

In stores/sales points where many items have to be ordered, field workers may refer back to the shop assortment that can be consulted via Fearless Leader. When it comes to producers with a range of products, e.g. Henkel, we have created a product selector, a customised menu just like in an online shop.


  • Location card, the shopping basket from the last visit.

Upon arrival at a specific store/sales point, Fearless Leader automatically provides the field worker with the ‘store card’ or ‘location card’. This contains the complete history and the usual products, with specific shop-specific codes too. You just adapt the last order at a few points. This saves a huge amount of work.


  • On the basis of store check

During a store check you see that a product is ‘out of stock’. Soon, you will be able to indicate this and order the required quantities with one click within Fearless Leader.


  • Via a centrally controlled action

Centrally planned actions, with displays and promotions, are also ready to go in Fearless Leader during every store visit. If the local manager decides to join in, just one click is all that is needed to add the necessary shopping basket. To convince the manager, the field worker can also use images of displays and flyers in Fearless Leader.


Immediately in the back office via seamless connection

The manager of the POS must simply sign on the tablet or smartphone screen. That’s it? That’s right! No administration or subsequent confirmation. Do you need to add anything? Then you can generate an email linked to the order with one click.

The order is now validated. “The connection with the ERP system is automatic and runs via a robust, future-proof connector. Some of our larger customers work with SAP, for example, which runs flawlessly”, adds Steven.


Continual innovation: with ‘transfer orders’ too

“One of the more recent innovations within Fearless Leader is the option to enter so-called ‘transfer orders’. You are a representative for Perfetti Van Melle, for example, and you see that Mentos mints are out of stock in a petrol station. You can place an order for Mentos with Perfetti Van Melle, for the proprietor, as if he is placing an order via the usual wholesaler, with the right coding/back office data from the wholesaler, who usually receives commission. It doesn’t matter who has placed the order. As long as orders come in”, says Steven.


Latest news: a reminder for product mixes

“The latest development enables product mixes and the corresponding advantages to be included in Fearless Leader and, with a visual signal, reported to the field worker. You order 5 containers of X and five trays of Y, so you are entitled to a free bottle of gin. There may be a whole range of similar connections. So, this is a handy tool for field workers who no longer have to remember all the details. Let alone offer items themselves. Or end up embarrassed by the fact that, for some places, they have forgotten the free extras.”

“This is a great example of the way in which Avento is continuously anticipating concrete experiences and applications in the field. You see, we never sit still,” concludes Steven.