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Avento offers a mobile CRM system, which is built on Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Resco Mobile CRM. It allows your field managers to work with the back-office quickly, efficiently and fully synchronized. It also functions offline, on any device and platform.

The Avento apps are designed for the FMCG market, textile industry and industries with custom functionalities. They can be configurated to match the specific operations in your company or sector.

FMCG365, Textile365 and Industry365 don’t just raise the productivity of your field managers, they also generate data and analyses for the general management. Furthermore, they are equipped with artificial intelligence. All this intelligence is shared and used proactively. With Avento, your company will become a learning and agile organization.

Accounting in the cloud

Avento is much more than mobile CRM. We also play a leading role in introducing Belgium to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the ‘cloud successor’ of the well-known and appreciated Navision.

Avento is your Microsoft servant.

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Field solutions

The key to successful growth is to spend more time (and better quality time) with your customer. Avento solutions ensure that you have access to all your data at any time, in any place, offline as well as online. That enables you to spend the right time with the right customer.

Our solution aims to get users out of their office and into the field as much as possible. This will allow you to manage your sales, administration, stock management etc. on site, resulting in more sales time and hence better sales figures.

It also ensures efficient and reliable interaction between your office and field sales teams at all times.

In fearless fashion, Avento will guide your team through your digital transformation and defy all weathers to achieve100% user adoption.


Our USP's

Explorer of new horizons and pioneer in digital transformation, that is Avento. We want customers to get on the road and use our CRM Field-solutions effectively and fearlessly in their working environment.

We go beyond just supplying CRM software. We provide a complete solution, that creates added value for all users if used correctly, efficiently and consistently.


Three Clicks: get started in just 3 clicks

  • Achieve the result you want in just 3 clicks.
  • Offline productivity

On the move with future-proof technology

  • Strategic partnerships with Microsoft and Resco
  • Zero Code, planned updates and upgrades.
  • Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows.

No fear
for change

  • Comprehensive industry knowledge
  • Everyone on board in a fearless fashion


At Avento we are involved in “Customer Engagement Management”. We use Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform combined with specialisations in mobile applications. Our customers are in the FMCG, industry and textiles sectors.

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Fearless Leader helps brewers in the constant ‘War for Attention’
Fearless Leader helps brewers in the constant ‘War for Attention’

Name familiarity and a great deal of exposure ensure greater consumption, turnover, growth, etc. Name familiarity is, in essence, life insurance for beer. “It is a constant fight for attention. Both small, emerging breweries and established names use the functionality offered by the CRM-app Fearless Leader to target and dose their efforts as effectively as possible,” explains Steven De Backer, product manager of the successful app.

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Better User Experience for CRM in Fearless Leader offers greater insights
Better User Experience for CRM in Fearless Leader offers greater insights

The specialised Fearless Leader app from Avento is now even more efficient and leads to better results across sales areas. Products can be better positioned, the consumer is more consistently ‘teased’ and it is easier to capitalise on wishes and requirements. How are the increases in sales realised? The app has been given a major boost in relation to User Experience for CRM. The improvements in screen structure and the optimisation of the app’s user-friendliness offer greater self-confidence and time-gains for field-workers and ensure the punctual execution of tasks. 

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Steven De Backer looks back on the Resco.NEXT conference in Lisbon
Steven De Backer looks back on the Resco.NEXT conference in Lisbon

On 6 October, Avento and its FMCG-app Fearless Leader was a prominent participant at the international Resco.NEXT conference, ‘the Enterprise Mobility Event of the Year’ in Lisbon. Steven De Backer, product manager at Fearless Leader, sat on the expert panel to provide his vision on mobile CRM and future opportunities. And that should come as no surprise. Fearless Leader is a European leader that offers its users a competitive advantage thanks to its superior offline availability and functions that have been developed specifically for the fast moving consumer goods sector.

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Avento has a whole host of loyal customers thanks to our approach and experience. Below is a selection of our references.