Textile Market

You are a producer of textile fabrics and finished textile products. You are an international player committed to continuous expansion of customer relations on a global scale. Your customers are typically wholesalers, distributors or manufacturers. You also approach your markets in conjunction with agents.


While striving to continuously augment your “Customer Engagement”, you typically encounter the following challenges:

  • Are we spending the right time with the right customer for the right reason?
  • How can we ensure that we always have the right information about the customer to hand on an ‘ad hoc’ basis?
  • How can we optimise proactive tracking of our sales pipeline?
  • How can we continuously improve our forecasts in light of our customers’ dynamic requirements?
  • How can we optimise the following processes:
    • Contract handling
    • Preparing quotations with pricing/discount/commission strategy
    • Recording orders
    • “Sample Request” and “Design Request”, including taking account of Return on Investment for each customer
  • How can we streamline and support our commercial processes at a trade fair?
  • How can we turn a “complaint” into a “virtue”, with accurate tracking by the right person with the right responsibility and with the right feedback to the customer?
  • How can we improve our predictive analyses?
  • How can we optimise our field resource planning for optimum coverage of the region?
  • How can we create transparency in crucial customer/channel information throughout the organisation whilst at the same time reducing administration? How can we optimise our ‘DashBoarding’?
  • How can we use innovative technology to help our staff achieve maximum performance?


Textile365 Solution

Textile365 is based on these industry standards and optimises every role in your organisation to master your daily textiles activities. Our solution aims to get users out of their office to facilitate maximum deployment in the field. With its seamless interaction between office staff and field sales representatives, Textile365 offers an integrated solution for optimum engagement.


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